Rear luggage worth the money ?


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Sep 11, 2005
Reno, NV
2007 R3 Classic
In my all too humble opinion - a resounding NO. However, I own a set and I'm going to have to live with them. Corbin's hard-bag prices are outrageous; AUD$8,400 landed in Australia.
Corbin’s hard bag capacity is humongous. How do they manage to mount them? Obviously the bike can hold more than 5kg on each side.


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Jan 5, 2021
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I don't know why Triumph hasn't taken a page from Harley when it comes to developing and marketing accessories. This is big business that should add a significant profit to the bottom line. I have found that some of Triumph's accessories, especially leather luggage, are of a poorer quality with exorbitant prices. Look at the leather bags for the Rocket. Why have so many of these bags lost their shape? Cheap leather compared to other brands??? I refuse to purchase leather bags from Triumph because of this. Having said that most of us will still pay up for genuine Triumph accessories leaving them with no excuse regarding quality. Triumph (and most other motorcycle manufacturer for that matter) know that the customer will pay. Why do you think a piece of cast aluminum covered in chrome or paint costs so much? It's not because of the manufacturing cost.... It's because we are blind for the bling. Triumph has no excuse when it comes to providing QUALITY.

When I saw the bags for the new Rocket, I thought Triumph might have turned a page but obviously they haven't regarding the zippers and waterproof quality. Let's see how they respond!!!!
Here's where I have issues The 2020/21 R3 GT and R3 are potentially great touring bikes in most respects, however they fall in a hole when it comes to passenger and rider comfort. Triumph are duty-bound as far as I'm concerned to manufacture and supply decent saddle bags, a decent touring windscreen and a sissy bar tall enough to stop the bride (or whatever) from falling off the rear seat. Maybe in time these accessories will hit the market, but in the mean-time I have had to source a windscreen from the USA and I have had to manufacture a decent sissy bar from old Harley parts. Shouldn't be necessary to chase all over the world to get bits just to obtain what I consider to be necessary/essential items. If Corbin can do it (check out Corbin's prices - mortgage the house and the bride. WOW!), why can't Triumph, at a respectable price OR do we just lock the bike away until the unobtanium parts become mainstream.


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Jul 1, 2020
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And in the UK £4715.00 (US$ 6525.00 at todays rate and even more when you add credit card currency charges)!
Before I realised the price I asked both Corbin Europe and Corbin US to give me the details of how the panniers are fixed and what is the recomended weight load limit for the bags. No response from either. The fixing question is now answered in the excellent video, but still no information on weight. I feel this is very important given the huge size of the panniers and the fact that Triumph state a paltry 5kg limit for the OEM bags.
Has anyone in the US managed to find out this info?