R III chrome quality


Apr 25, 2006
This month will be my two years of rocket riding pleasure. I have had only a few issues with my bike that took a while to work out. this last weekend I was giving her a good cleaning and was amazed to see that almost all of the chrome surfaces are getting a rusty/pitted rough feel. It is not real bad yet, but I wonder if anyone else has any issues with their triumph chrome. The mirrors and the chrome pipes that support the footpegs are the worst at this point. Don't get me wrong I am not meaning to down the bike, I will still love her when she gets gray hair.
I think one of the only areas of concern that multiple owners have had problems with were the turn signal stalks where they mount to the forks. Get to the dealer before the warranty runs out.
I see you are located in Florida. We (I live in Florida also) have to keep up with the cleaning a little more than other captains. Florida has a lot of salt in the air that wreaks havoc with things like chrome. I've had the Rocket now for about 10 months and I have no complaints with the chrome so far.
Had a lot of my chrome replaced, along with wheel and front forks , headstock , mirrors etc etc , quality is not brilliant .
had mine almost 2 yrs
Mines OK too, and its been blasted in the rain and I once towed it on a trailer to the dealer for its 500 mile service thru a sleet storm in February over 200 miles of dirty salted highway. When I got home you couldn't even tell what color it was, but I did wash it quickly . No way I could leave it dirty like that :).

Others have complained about bad chrome though....