Oil level drop in oil tank (Again)

Mike Rocket

Rocket 3
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Oct 27, 2017
East Anglia, England
2014 Rocket 3 Roadster
Mike don't let it concern you, my bike is exactly the same it dosent matter , whenever you need to check the oil level start it up for a minute then turn off and check , other than that it can do what it wants just enjoy !
Thank you very much. It has been concerning me as it takes a little longer to pressurise the oil ways than when the oil tank is full, but is is only a split second though.
I am more curious than worried though as I do not understand why at different times after a run the oil drains down at different rates.
Having said that, thank you again for telling me this and it appears it is a common thing on these bikes and is not detrimental to regarding wear to the engine.
Several owners have told me their bikes are the same.
Thanks again. Ride safe.