New information on Poor idle problems


Jun 24, 2007
Something for you to consider.......My tech shared some issues with the Rocket that he has seen. One of them is that several of the bikes that the owners have had idle and shutting down issues have been identified with bikes that have a thottle control ...or any thing like a biker who is use to riding a carb harley and trys to keep the throttle open when starting , or a throttle control not completed released...or rusty cables that keep the throttle open even a "bit" open and can and will provide wrong input as the Rocket ECU boots up on start.......This Rocket boots up on start....just like your computer....

So keep an eye on your throttle control or other issues keeping your throttle open at start

Safe Riding
On the same subject, my tech told me that the throttle should have a little slack in it. If not the same results you described.
My second rocket III has terrible throttle cable slack. It has no idle problems but it sure is a pain in the butt when turning at a stoplight and trying to steer and get through the loose play into a smooth acceration. Maybe one of these days I will look into it. But for now it is easier to just complain.
Oh by the way, the dealership is going to give me a new gas tank, because of the handlebars denting the tank. Oh yea!!! Rademis
I had a similar experience my throttle rocker had slid out over the handlebar end weight, sometimes not letting the throttle to come to rest at full closed, resulting in hard starts and poor idleing. If they would install factory cruise it would not be an issue......:(.
"Dink" at D&D Cycles also passed that info to me when I had the "latest" update performed on my Rocket last week. He said it can happen if you hang your helmet on the right handlebar and create that slack in the throttle which can sometimes cause a problematic startup.
Now this is a good one!!!!!

This is exactly what I do and can see how just befor start up getting your helmet can create some this problem! Excelle:)nt!!!!