My beautiful Rocket Touring is gone.


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Feb 19, 2007
Banner, WA
2009 Rocket Touring
A good friend and I made a deal yesterday and he now has my Touring. As I once noted, it's the most beautiful machine I've ever owned and I loved riding it, while I could.

I don't want to go into my personal health situation but I simply could no longer manage it. I did a few short local rides within the last month or so, with difficulty, but last Saturday decided to do our annual Kidney Run event. I fueled at a local gas station, with two different people coming up and admiring the Rocket, and then almost dropped it while leaving the station and hitting a dip. I rode to the first stop, about 60 miles, with three other good friends and when I got off the Rocket, decided I couldn't ride it anymore. I was fatigued and sore. It hurt to even throw a leg over the massive beast and getting it up off the kickstand was equally painful. I rode my friend's Indian Scout home and he, an individual of substantial stature, rode the Rocket back. Cam's a long time, very experienced rider who has ridden throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and in China. He has always loved the Rocket so we worked out a deal with he now having the Rocket and I his beautiful Indian Scout. The Scout is light, fast, handles brilliantly and easy to manage.

I sent a note to my good friend Gord @ Elcanaco, telling him of the situation and my decision. He and I have ridden all over the western US, BC and the Yukon Territory. He asked if it meant that my long distance touring days had come to an end and I had to tell him that I truly don't know. It depends on what the future has in store for me.

I have truly enjoyed this forum, the banter, the fun and the technical assistance I've received. I've met some great folks. As a two time Rocket owner, I'll stick around a bit and help with advice whenever I believe it useful.

I will miss my beautiful Rocket 3 Touring and know that my friend Cam is in for a wild time.


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Aug 1, 2010
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2009 R3-Standard - 1979 Guzzi V1000G5
..... last Saturday decided to do our annual Kidney Run event.
New kidneys every year! - That's POSH. ;)

The minute it stop's being fun - it isn't. And when it isn't then it's time to change. Of course when you get a Pink Scooter you can expect a little ridicule.


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Oct 21, 2017
Downers Grove,Il.
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Mike, sorry to hear that the Rocket was too top heavy to easily manage, as it has been said, when it becomes work, find another angle. A close friend of mine,who in his later years has been steadily fighting now down to reliving his youth, his wife sent me a picture of him driving away from the house on his '57 Schwinn Wizzer, (he had it new as a kid). He's now in his later 70's and gets out on a bike as much as possible....He is finnishing a restoration of a 3 wheel messersmit for when he has to carry with his oxygen bottle...I hope I have his drive when I grow up! Take care..Norm


Sep 4, 2013
Raleigh NC
2013 R3T, 1960 Franken-Pan
@Navigator Hate to hear that Mike.

Had some health issues last fall that had me wondering if that time had come for me.

Managed to fight through it but it's likely not many years before a lighter bike is going to be in my future.

Still coming to MV I hope?
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