More performance, Tune Boy, K&N?


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Aug 11, 2006
Is the Tune Boy a good way to go? (sells on newbonneville web site for the R3). Is the K&N airfilter worth getting? Only upgrade I have is the cat bypass pipe which was done at the dealer and tuned to I believe. Was On it when I bought my 06' R3 new. Don't want to chage the stock pipes. Are there any other ways to get max performance? I still get that backfire once in a awhile at slow constant speeds. Think the colder weather has something to do with it.
You would see more of a benefit from Tuneboy than you would with a PCIII with the setup you want to go with. Tuneboy will allow you to open the secondary throttle plates 100% of the time, advance timing in the lower gears, correct the speedo, change the rev limiter and make some fueling changes to eliminate what popping you have.

Jamie just changed to the K&N, you might check this thread out.

I like K&N's and think that a little more air flow allows for quicker revs.
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Pig9r;9871Jamie just changed to the K&N said:[/url]

I like K&N's and think that a little more air flow allows for quicker revs.

The K&N importer modestly claims, on the top of unverifiable filtering benefits and lifetime (?) durability, a power gain of "up to" 2 to 3 HP's for the single, under-the-seat (vs 3 individual, top-of-the-engine units) K&N replacement box. That's however for a standard Rocket. Mine, with both a snorkel-less Corbin seat, Mad Dog pipes, the standard cat litter (*) and the TOR tune (which happens to be a perfect combo in terms of idling speed stability, virtual elimination of decel popping, etc.) FEELS like it gained far more "pull" than that. And then, there is the pleasantly throatier intake music that I already reported.

(*) As far as the cat litter goes, I have found, after a bit of experimentation, that removing it and replacing it with the OEM by-pass increases exhaust loudness to a Godawful level (IMO), for both the rider and the neighborhood, without increasing real horsepower. And no off-the-shelf OEM (vs Power Commander-type) tune that I know of is meant to /seems to adjust engine e:management for that cat deletion. Symptoms (from my RCE club members' self-appointed guinea pigs;) ) ? Plenty of backfiring, erratic idling speed and no responsiveness whatsoever to the so-called 11' or 12' "passive" tune.

I think Tuneboy is the way to go, but your custom map may cost a bit more just because power commanders are easier for most dealers to work with. I am fortunate that there is are 2 dyno guys in Texas willing to custom map Tuneboys, but I'll have to pay $50 to $100 more than what I would if I had them custom map a power commander.

If you search around this site and others, you'll discover some rather high HP / TQ numbers with air filters (K&N or unifilters) mounted directly on the throttle bodies.

One option I'd like to hear about is porting and polishing, but I have yet to see anyone post results.
I have the Triumph cat by-pass, drilled stock pipes, under-seat K&N, & Tuneboy. I am running one of the tunes off the tuneboy site, [don't remember the number right now] Full power in all gears, speedo corrected, rev limiter at 6500, etc. Idles like a rock, never stalls in the morning, Pulls the front tire at half throttle in first gear, and sounds great! It crackles a little on decel under 2k, but I like the way that sounds. I really don't feel the need to do anything else to it except ride it, of course!;)
One option I'd like to hear about is porting and polishing, but I have yet to see anyone post results.

Nev from OZ has done this along with hardened pistons. I think he said he got better than 170 hp with stock filter, pipes, etc.
Yes, Nev has many many mods on his bike. I'm guessing that he put several mods on at once, then custom mapped; so I doubt that he would have information about what kind of % gain in HP & TQ could be expected with porting and polishing. Sure would be nice if he did though!

Dougl, I didn't wanna highjack the thread, so I sent you a PM with some comments, questions.