jardine full system

Brian K

.040 Over
Jun 20, 2006
jersey shore
i am leaning towards the jardines and power commander. i see on the dynajet website they have a map specifically for the jardine full system. is anyone on this board running this combo? anyone see any good internet deals on either one of these items?
wow that is the best price so far! thanks alot. i am going to wait till i take delivery on my bike before ordering them but when i get them i will post a report on them....thanks!
I have installed the Jardine full system. I love the way that it looks. However, I am having a problem with an exhaust leak where the mainfold and muffler connect. Jardine sends a tee-clamp and it just does not completely seal. There are no cuts spaced around the muffler and that makes it very difficult to get the tee-clamp tight enough to seal. It is also very hard to get to the tee-clamp to tighten it once it is placed around the muffler/mainfold. With an exhaust leak the bike pops when one lets off of the gas. Also, it makes one's leg really hot. The Jardine manifold is already hotter than stock and with the exhaust leak it is hot! I have had the muffler off twice and have used permatex exhaust sealer but it is still not sealed. If anyone can help please let me please let me know what you have done.

I have installed the K&N with the Tuneboy and that works well. It had to e-mail Tuneboy to get a free flow tune, but they got right back with me and it works well and was not difficult to intsall.
Maxclift there have been a fair amount of Rocket owners that have ordered the Jardines and recieved them damaged or bent. Any chance that may be causing the poor fit?
You might swing by a local exhaust shop, they have bizzare tools to bend and/or expand pipe so that you can get a better fit. It might be a good idea to just get out the hack saw and cut some slits in the outer pipe so it will collapse on the inner one when you tighten the clamp.
jardine issues

I have the jardines with the powercommander. I tried a Triumph factory tune before the pwrcommander but the decel popping was ridiculous. I got a custom tune from my dealer (actually the tune used from a similar bike with similar setup) the bike ran rich as hell and was smoking up my tail lights and getting only around 28 mpg! I took it for a trip on the dyno and--nearly 50 dyno-miles later, the tune was still way off and running like I was towing an elephant behind me. Dyno-guy said he is having trouble getting the air:fuel curve to flatten out. Long story short, I am putting the factory tune for jardines back into the power commander and hoping for the best; anyone know of a shop with a dyno that has done more than one R3? I live near Pittsburgh, PA and would rather stay within 150 or so miles. I like the way the Jardines look and sound but I am really hoping for a few performance enhancements too.
Remember decel popping can come from leaks in the exhaust as well.

Bear, Ridin'Sunshine's other half, has the Jardine set up with the Triumph TOR tune, 20054 I believe, and his seems to run great. I rode behind it for quite a few miles one day and didn't notice much popping at all on decel.
beanandpotatoe I think your problem is the wrong Triumph stock tune is loaded into your bike's ECU. I would verify and check if you have the 20050 Triumph tune loaded into the ECU, if not try it. If that doesn't improve it try the 20054 Triumph stock tune. Those two seem to be used most frequently with the PCIII.