Is Yamaha Losing It?


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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
I never have been much into jap sport bikes but I thought the new Yamaha YZF-R6 was pretty amazing because it red lined at 17,500 RPM. Well apparently a few of the bike mags dyno tested it and found it "only" revs to 16,000 RPMs however the tach displays 17,500. Once finding out they have been busted Yamaha has sent letters to every '06 R6 owner and offered to buy back the bikes at full price including taxes, fees, and any interest paid. That's a big 'oops.'

One cool thing about the R6 though is that the throttle is 'fly by wire' no cables. That would be nice to have on the Rocket.
Stop by the shop and I'll show ya all the fly by wire you can stand. Some of the reasons they use that now is that they can combine several components into one and save money. If you have a fly by wire setup you no longer need an IAC valve, a TPS, any sort of cruise control actuator and so on. It also smooths the input to the ECM so that you don't confuse the crap out of it by bliping the throttle pedal constantly like some morons do.

I don't like them because you loose some response time and /or feel in some systems... the Jap ones are pretty good... the Mercedes Benz's suck so bad I wouldn't own one. And when they go bad... They like to loose their base idle, just drives me nuts. You have to go through at least three different "learning" procedures to get it right using usually proprietary scanners. There is no fail safe or limp home on this system:eek:...

Over time they will get better, but if you like to wrench on your own bike you had better stick to something like the Rocket III... and its bad enough... isn't it:D

I bought one of those adjustable accelerator pedal rod things that hooks to the steering wheel and goes down to the pedal. At least you can set it at a fast idle to bleed a cooling system but you still can't blip it. Nothin' to this ****, is there wilbur-t??
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