Standard Bore
Mar 14, 2006
has any one moved theyer ignition ?? ive been wanting to and ive noticed theres a place just at the back end of the oil tank , it looks as though the plastic moulding was made for the ignition to fit in ... has any one done it ??
I believe the plastic molding you are commenting on is for an accessory power plug. Many of us are purchasing a 12V outlet such as a cigarette lighter style to put there. Others have commented on relocating their ignition switch there too, as you have stated.

Good luck.
The janitor regulates the classified section heavily. Only buy and sell here.

I got to it before he was able to pull the trigger.:)

As Rusty pointed out, I would not want to sacrifice the accessory plug, especially on cold days.
So why can't a guy put the ign. on the left and power outlet on the right.Same panel on both sides. Or am I forgeting something under the right side panel. Don't make me go out and look under there..I'll look tommrow when I go ridin...I love me ya ya ya...Jack
For any of you that has the desire to replace the old ciggy lighter and move your ignition switch, Bike bandit as the replacement panel for $12.29

BB# 5572222-01 it's under the OEM 'Side & Infill' panels schematic.
Jack the cover on the left has a bracket that mounts with the plastic cover to give extra support to the relays and socket, the one on the right does not. Maybe the ignition could be moved to the right side.