Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
Have you seen these. Ck. out spikes headlights.I really believe these help with visabilty..Asked a couple of motor cops if this was legal,they said they thought the department should get them for there bikes.Cuts light very little,but I can't ride at night anyhow so ok for me.Can't get a good pict.they are much bolder colors in real life.. Jack
hey jack, looks cool.... was thinking of venturing down this path with mine.. fab some quick brackets and see how it looks without the tape. Link Removed

I like the three,,If u put one of those things in each light nobody could miss u.When I get behind people they realy look in the rear view..Guess they think its an ambulance...Jack PS is that a fat boy headlight??
Single headlight

So who owns the blue R3 with the single headlight - tell us about it ! I was seriously contemplating the same thing using a 7" bottom mount Heritage / Fatboy light, but adding one of those extended eyebrow front rims to give it that "chunky" look that is needed for the R3...........
aaahhh the blue one's mine dam, when i first bought my r3 in july i wanted to do this so i got a 7" from e bay new for about 40. just thought i'd test it with the tape. got exhaust to work on tomorrow but wednesday should have time to fab some brackets to get a real feel for the look.. by the way jack... I LOVE MY PLAZMA CUTTER heheheheheh.

Now you be careful with that plazma cutter..Don't cut your toes off till after you finnish the pipes..Have you practiced on your neighbors cars yet..LOL Jack
Have you practiced on your neighbors cars yet.
A few years back we had a horrible ice storm. My next door neighbor drove up the street in his car and stopped to retrieve the mail out of his mail box. His 7 year old son... seeing Daddy... decided to run down their fairly steep driveway to greet him. The driveway was so slick due to the ice that the kid took off like Chevy Chase on the snow saucer in "Christmas Vacation". He hit the right rear quarter panel of Pop's car and I swear he was doing 30 mph. It made a perfect imprint of sonny boy's body. He hit it so hard he just stood there and tried to cry but he couldn't, and when he realized that he couldn't he just peeled himself off of the car and crawled back up to the house. The kid was never the same after that, had this wandering eye thing going on...