Great time in Sturgis!


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey guys, back from Sturgis & will post pics from time to time. 2223 miles total round trip. Butt is getting back in shape (other than flat) & catching up on some rest. Had a great time & ran across Raymond from time to time. The Rocket received lots of looks & compliments. Rode a Boss Hoss for a short spin. Totally WOW!
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Remote Devotion

Welcome back. Sturgis is to some European bikers what Jerusalem used to be to all European crusaders:rolleyes:. Let's see your pics, please. Jamie:cool:
Posting pics in my photo album

Hey Jamie, I've put a few of the "best" photos we took in my album and will be adding more as time permits. View them when you can.

Such as this one.

Sorry about the dudes but she was never standing alone. I wonder why?
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Patience Tony, we are getting there. Need to get the good stuff on the table first.

Here, this should hold you over for a short time.

I believe I saw a total of 7 Rockets besides mine, and Raymond's was one of the seven. None of them were "radical" like many of the Hardley's were.

After viewing the initial Sturgis 2007 photo's, I was beginning to wonder if you had graduated from the RB school of glamor photography?

Pleased to hear it turned out to be a great trip for you and your buddies.

Best regards