Great Information


Standard Bore
Dec 4, 2007
I just found this web site this week. Super information!! I'm spending way too much time catching up on history but it sure is fun. I have a 07 Classic Tourer, upgraded to this bike in May after riding a T100 for a couple of years. Had a Bonneville back in the 70's and was glad to see it back on the street. I'm in Bloomington IN so riding will be scarce the next couple of months, but there is always a nice day in every month.
Thanks to all you guys for the great content, hope to be able to contribute.

Welcome aboard and I hope you find the information and intelectual stimulation you desire. You will find folks who have expertice in everything from the RIII to livestock. Keep in contact and don't be afraid to ask questions. Someone will have the answer.:) SB.
Welcome cmoore I am a newbie here also . I have learned some good info in just the past few days that I joined. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.:D
Welcome aboard Cmoore, if you are like me you will never cease to be amazed at the knowledge contained by the members of this site. Even the ones that don't know anything are more than willing to help.