First Ride: Ram Air with Ram Cams


Dec 31, 2006
First let me say that in addition to installing the special Ram Air Cams, I installed a Lock-Up Clutch at the same time... and it's a good thing, because there's no way a stock clutch could handle this torque.

The Ram Cams were made for me by Nev, of Neville Lush Racing in OZ, and he warned me that there could be a loss of low end torque (below 3000 RPMs) because of the increased duration I was asking him for. Nev "massaged" the cam profiles to give me an intake duration of 242 degrees, and an exhaust duration of 238 degrees... both with slightly more lift. I wanted the increased intake duration for the improved airflow of the Ram Air.

Well I can tell you that if I lost any low end torque, I'll be more surprised than anyone. First thing I did upon hitting the paved road outside my farm entrance, is to goose her a bit to get my usual departure wheelie. The rear tire broke loose and I fish-tailed down the road for 100 ft! No torque loss there, Nev!

At this point, I had to curtail my test ride to get the proper clutch adjustment... she would not shift into 2nd gear. Adjusting the Lock-Up is a bit different from adjusting a regular clutch, and I had brought an 11mm wrench with me to do the job. No real problems, but it did take a few tries to get her just right. I find the Lock-Up shifts best when you preload the shifter. This makes for much smoother and faster shifts, but may not be to everyone's liking... it's much more like a race bike.

When I tested the Ram Air with stock cams, I was impressed by both the increased power and incredible throttle response. I'll tell you right now that Ram Air with Ram Cams makes WAY MORE POWER, still has the throttle response, and has vastly improved engine characteristics. Yes, both torque and power are definitely increased, but the big story is where that power is... and how much smoother the engine is at higher RPMs! Nev's mild cams make their torque at 3500 - 4500 RPMs (see Jethro's chart). My power band is now from over 5000 RPMs to 6500 RPMs... and she makes great power to over 7000. And she will get better, as I have not even re-tuned the bike!

I was expecting this change in the power band, but what I did not expect is the resulting SMOOTHNESS of the engine now at those RPMs. Truly now that she's not being choked by cam duration, she revs as smoothly as a V8 Ferrari when I ride her through the twisties holding the revs in the 5500 - 6500 range. All that high rev vibration is gone. Gentlemen, this is now a very different animal!

I feel there is much more to come with proper tuning, and an improved exhaust system (over the Jardines I ran today). If Sam (Travelguy) gets me his head pipes soon, I will tune with those into a single 17" SuperTrapp. If not I will tune with the Jardine head pipes into the single Supertrapp.

I really need to express my sincere gratitude to Neville Lush, of Neville Lush Racing in OZ. Thanks a million, Nev! None of this could have happened without your tireless innovation and exploration of new cam profiles for the R3. In my case the results are ASTOUNDING!!!

Thanks Hombre. Great, informative post. Had been in e: touch with Neville for a while. But, quite frankly, I was not sure as to whether the rubber would ever meet the road. So to speak. Dough the only definite factor in the dialogue. Serious dough. That was relative to --loosely-defined-- expectations of mine, of course. Best.

Jamie, thinking twice:cool:.
Power band

My power band is now from over 5000 RPMs to 6500 RPMs... and she makes great power to over 7000. And she will get better, as I have not even re-tuned the bike!
Great power band for drag racing Hombre, however sometimes I have to go get grocerys with It..Think I would like the blower power band better..Iam saving my beer cans for one now..Injections nice but Id rather be blown..Crazy Jack
Nev's MILD CAMS make 160 RWHP... here are the dyno charts (Jethro's charts refered to above):

The special grind "Ram Cams" should have a much flatter torque curve beyond 4500 RPM, and therefore more HP as well... we shall see. :cool: