Even More Idle Issues... Torque Magazine


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
If you pull out Issue 40, Summer 2006, North American Edition of Torque Magazine and turn to page 36 you will find an article named "Technical Torque... EMS". This article explains how the ECU works in a fuel injected motorcycle and all of the work Triumph has done on the Rocket III. It disturbs me to see that the "EMS team" has moved their focus from the Rocket to the 675. It appears that they must be satisfied with the way the Rocket idles and are not going to address the issue of stalling Rockets world wide. This has become a very dangerous situation for some, and at best it is an irritating bother that is forcing some people to sell their bikes.

The article goes on to say if you try and use aftermarket programs such as PC III or TuneBoy you will do so at the expense of your warranty. Well Triumph... at least Wayne at tuneboy is trying to help us out. Its almost as if once again we have become orphan bike owners... I guess you can't expect any help from the factory on this...

Are there any moto journalists out there that could use a story... here it is :mad:
That is a great idea tom.If we could get a moto journalists to write about this problem Triumph might get off there arse and take a serious look at it.
Does any one no a moto journalists????:D :D :D