electrical issue - HELP!


.060 Over
Sep 18, 2007
A couple of days ago the fuse that controls the turn signals & diagnostic cable blew. I replaced it. It blew again after a couple blinks of the turn signal. Before this started happening I had placed the diagnostic cable in what looked like a "parking place" for it. There is a bracket to the left of the battery box that looked like that it what it was for. After a little reading in the shop manual I found that the fuse in question controled the turn signals AND the diagnostic cable plug. Maybe the diagnostic cable was causing the problem??? So, I moved it from the bracket I had placed it in and put in a new fuse. I haven't ridden yet, but the turn signals seem to work with the engine off and with the engine running.

NOW, there seems to be another problem. When I squeeze the brake lever or press on the brake pedal the brake light goes rear running light goes dim. It SHOULD ge bright for braking, but instead it goes dim.

Can someone help me sort this out? I have no experience with a fuel injected bike. I know that may have nothing to do with the problem at hand, but this bike has more computer contolled stuff than any other I have had to deal with.

What could be causing this????
Have you recently taken anything that Vonbonds had on the bike, off?

No. But I think that is going to be my next move. The LED license plate frame was not wired correctly, always on high intensity, insteand of running light and brake light as needed. It's possible that a wire could be pinched there as I DID replace the tag recently.

Could an open ground cause the brake light to DIM when activated?
Food for fodder.....

and...........if you have a high resistance ground, the suspect circuit will backfeed into the vacated positive side of the companion circuit. Remember, direct current flows from negative to positive not positive to negative like most everyone assumes. That's why you break the negative side DC appratus.