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Mar 22, 2007
South Carolina
Decided to change out my Brake Pedal Assembly from a standard Rocket to the Classic Rocket. The Classic Rocket has a larger rubber pedal on the Rear Brake Pedal Assembly. Replaced the spring, bleed the brakes, sanded/buffed down the chrome/ bolts, etc and still have a lag in the brake pedal (i.e. it stays slightly depressed). It is noticable when driving and must be manually returned to the undepressed position. When I loosen the Shouldered BOLT ( M10X1.25 ) the Brake Pedal Assembly works fine. But, when the shouldered bolt is tightened to the recommended 25nm the Brake Pedal Assembly will not return to rest/ neutral. I have taken this thing apart several times, tried different springs and I am confused. Any suggestions. Thinking of using red or blue Sure-Lock and leaving it were it works correctly.

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I looked on Bike Bandit and they don't have a diagram of the Classic style pedal. I have a Classic if you want me to check anything or post any photos.
Brake Pad Assembly

OK, I fixed it. The issue on the Brake Pad Assembly is the Push Rod Assembly on The Master Cylinder to the Rear Brake. The setting of the Push Rod Assembly is slightly different between the Classic Rocket Brake Pad Assembly and the Rocket Brake Pad Assembly. After you replace the Brake Pad Assembly adjust the bolts on the end of the Push Rod Assembly so the CLEVIS PIN easly passes through the base of the Brake Pad Assembly at rest/ upright. It is about a quarter of an inch foward. Do not move the Brake Pad Assembly to get the CLEVIS PIN to pass. This places the rear brake pedal in the correct position for complete release and correct function on depression.

I tried to post some photo’s of the different types of Brake Pad Assembly’s; Rocket Brake Pad Assembly with Rivco Brake Pad, Classic Rocket Brake Pad Assembly & Rocket Brake Pad Assembly.

If you have trouble with this installation give me an E-mail.

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I want to also replace the standard RIII brake pedal with the CLASSIC version. Is it necessary to break open the brake line just to change out the pedal?