Back from South Dakota

raymond braswell

Jul 24, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Hey friends, got back from Sturgis last night. Great trip. I will post photos soon. The mods I did made a huge difference. The floor boards, highway pegs, backrest and gas gauge are awesome. The most memorable ride was Friday. Instead of just burning it back on I 90 as most do, we decided to do a ride through the Black Hills and cut across S.D. and Nebraska on two lanes. We packed up and rode from Sturgis to Spearfish and then through Spearfish Canyon which I think is the best ride of all. Towering mountains on both sides and tall pines along a spring fed river. Temps in the canyon are 20 degrees cooler. Stopped at Cheyene Crossing where thousands of bikers stop on there way to different rides. We then headed into Wyoming through beautiful country that looked like the wild West until we reached Buckhorn Saloon and stopped for a cold one with about 50 other bikers. From there back into S.D. to Keystone. From there our plan was to catch 385 South to 20 but we missed our turn and took another unplanned road South. It went up an 8,000 foot peak with breathtaking views and super twisties in the pines. We saw dear. turkeys and even wild donkeys. As we came back to the flatlands we rounded a curve and came upon a field with over 200 buffalo. We had to stop because they were crossing the road. It was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. All because we took a wrong turn. We came into the town of Hot Springs which was beautiful and we thought about staying but pressed on to 20 Hwy towards our destination Valentine Nebraska. We underestimated how long it would take and were still riding well after dark. The sky got dark ahead of us an a massive lightning storm raged. We stopped and checked the weather which said 60 mph winds, rain and hail. We were in no man's land with no where to stay but 120 miles to ride straight at the storm. It was headed East as well so for 120 miles we wittnessed an unbeleivable
spectacle hoping not to get caught in it. We arrived in Valentine at 10:30 having riden 400 miles which to date is the greatest ride I have been on. I will say it again, it is really not about the destination (although that bed in Valentine felt pretty good), it is about the ride!Get off those Interstates and see the country. Alot is said about what goes on in Sturgis, but it is really all about the rides....well mostly about the rides.

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It must be the glasses because she looks like a smart girl.

It sounds like you had a great trip, I hope to have some fun next weekend going to Baxter's!
I am truly in love. Studious, sexy, and young enough for me to report to the local law enforcement agency and register as a sex offender. I know the "Mommy Bags" are man made, but well done. Welcome home Raymond.
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I took about the same route.

Hey Raymond, I too rode down Hwy 83 (off I 90) through Valentine, O'neill, Norfolk and on to the small town of Wisner, NB. where I stayed the night in a nice quite roadside motel. $38.50 for the night sounded great to me. It took 7 1/2 hours travel time from Sturgis. I too watched a spectacular storm and wondered if I'd get into the rain I saw, and I did. Only for about 1 1/2 miles so it was tolerable, especially after several hours in the heat. Only 3 1/2 hours to home on Friday. Good to get home & see the family, although no hugs were given until I cleaned the road grime off.

See ya.