Air filter + fuel filter + throttle body cleaning + throttle body balance : In progress

that is really A big difference

I used to cruise at 6th gear at 52mph but recently the bike felt hard and I needed to drop gear down to 5th to cruise at same speed so I noticed something is not right and that was one of biggest reason I opened up air filter+ throttle bodies etc.

i cleaned heck out out throttle bodies, sprayed a quarter of throttle body can into throttle bodies and intake, saw some particles and little oily stuff coming out. used air compressor after spraying throttle body can, repeat and put compressed air.

now it feels like sports mode again, accelerator has become way more responsive prior to clean up and yes, I can cruise as I used to.

after cleaning throttle bodies, I checked the balance and they are more than perfect.
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Aren't those fuel filters inside the tank? = Pain in the butt?
yes, I had to take whole fuel assembly out.
but not that bad as its once you take out the tank , rest is easy.
Rockets are very easy to work on as oppose to italian+european motorcycles.
BTW, what are the right tools for tank removal?
most important is the plier to open the locks for fuel hose [ I had to make one by modifying a nose plier ]
second is long plastic pry tool which looks like a 3mm flat head screwdriver to open fuel pump harness connector. [ i use metal one but i dont recommend unless you are really patient ]
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