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Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
Anyone seen any of the spy photos of the new 1500 America style cruiser? I saw one from a European Magazine cover. Looked like a Speedmaster with a radiator. I Took Lisa to test drive an America the other day, and I rode it also. A very nice handling bike, but man is it weak. I wonder when the 1500 will come out?
**** it? Spys using pocket/pen cams:( Can't the spymasters sprout for a telephoto:D Why are we paying the price for spy satellites, that can read Spaulding on your tennis ball, and we've not seen the Triumph 1500 yet.

What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
Position of the dirt bag.
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I hear that. I didn't think you could buy digital cameras with that low of resolution still... Shoot, those pics could be of a Bonneville America with leather bags..
Rags to riches.................

The day I buy an over priced, ad proferlated, biased motorcycle rag is the day I quit reading them for free at the grocery store while Amy shop's for food. You read one, you read them all. Just like car rags, atv rags, even **** rags.
There are plenty of 1500 cc bikes out there - Harleys.

However, if they doubled the size of the parallel vertical twin, I might consider it if it weighed less than 600 lb. and had over 100 hp. The Rocket is a bit of a moose for me when I'm not rolling. Great power though.