Top Fuel
Jan 3, 2007
So Iam out riding around town sunday.68 degrees beautiful day,best time of year to ride,no bugs.The hardleys have come out of the woodwork and are every where.I'am going nuts trying to get next to them at stop lights,or just next to them anywhere.Run up next to this 60.000 dollar chopper, hard tail,he won't even acknolage me cause his rear tire Is off the ground at every bump in the road.I can understand why he didn't want to race,but why not the V rods,softail specials,fat boys,S&S customs and the like.Must have spent two hours looking for pray.Then I see two ****** rockets up ahead.Wizz past them just fast enough so they can see i'am not a harley.In my mirrors I can see them comming fast.Perfect,The light turns red.They nod and stare at spikes motor.I say something like,how big is your motor.I'ts a new 1000 cc Kawaski,the other is a suzk 600.The light turns green and it sounded like the drag strip in denver. This is on central ave in town. See why I say i'am an idiot.I'am watching my shift light and waiting for them to go by me.First gear,shift light, second gear,shift light third gear, let off no more road left. The Kawaski goes by on the rear wheel giving me the thumbs up and we all scatter waiting to hear sirens.If u use the torque of these monsters and keep the ****** rockets from getting to high RPM u can beat them every time.. Have fun Crazy Jack
Shift light

Paul,if your racing harleys you most likley can't hear your own motor and will usually hit the limiter which is a disadvantage.Most of the new ****** rockets come from the factory with them..Just make sure you get one thats 3 cyl. capable.. Jack
Ok The Girl Is confused?

I'ts a new 1000 cc Kawaski,the other is a suzk 600

Ok... I am confused. I am trying to figure out why you are so excited about beating a couple of low cc bikes? Or perhaps I am mistaken? And at first I was trying to figure out if I missed the "idiot" shift light on my bike. Then I found out you must have added it? I guess I have a natural knack of listening to the motor. Must be all of those years I drove nothing but hand-me-down very used cars.
You'd be surprized how fast some of those "lower cc" bikes can be off the line. For one thing, most of them weigh around 250+ pounds lighter than a Rocket and they can rev faster too. I remember going to Daytona one year on my Trophy 1200 and getting my butt smoked by a 60 year old guy on a Honda XX Blackbird 1000. Had another guy do the same thing at the drags one on another 1000. 600's and 750's are very light with usually some 110lb eggs for brains kid at the throttle. This can make those bikes lighting fast off the line. Bigern

If your racing some hopped up hardly with straight pipes you will not be able to hear your motor to shift,you also need to shift at an exact RPM to put the motor at the best rpm for the next gear..Go see if you can beat a 1300 cc Hayabusa..As motors become larger, they become less efficient and can't turn as hi an rpm for power.If your rocket would turn 12000 rpm it would put out 280 HP instead of 140..Yes they have a tack. to shift by but I can't see those little numbers any more.TeHe Shouldent take your eyes off the road when racing. My light is so bright I can tell when to shift with my eye lids closed. Get out there and smoke some hardlys now..Later Jack

Maybe you should loan her your 'busa so she can experience first hand what just over a liter class bike will do to the R3. I have a feeling it will scare the bejesus out of Sunshine.

Considering the stroke of the R3, turning the motor much past 7K could put some dents in your chest......them slugs would be cook'in.:D

You com'in to Nashville??