Winter makeover / Single Headlight


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Nov 13, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
If you are traditionalist, then dont look any further.......

So it's winter in OZ and I have 50% finished the Winter makeover !

Started by getting the whole front-end polished and Chrome plated, then went for the single headlight fit-up by making up a bracket on the mill and then chroming that. Then we had to get rid of the ignition switch and horn for that clean look. Relocated the horn to behind the right side rear radiator grille and ignition to the usual location.

Next was the wheels, both fully polished (no more mill or cast marks), then chromed. I then went for black powdercoat on the disc carriers and the radiator front grille.

A few other bits and pieces, lots of new stainless bolts, and she's half finished. Next is a new paintjob consisting of switchblades and in a month or so.....

Checkout the new pics in the album.....


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How about some pics of the headlamp bucket and bracket? I'm thinking about making the change myself.

I love the front turnsignals, where'd you get'em? It looks like you milled new mounting brackets, pics?

Awefully Nice work!!!:bch:
The headlight is off a late model bottom mount Heritage Softail with the addition of the front eybrow ring to keep more with the chunky R3 look. The mount for the headlight that I made is out of 12mm plate just made to fit & look right & I cant really get pics without pulling it apart. It's just a matter of fiddling around to get the right shape and height with the bracket that makes you happy, it took me 3 goes on the mill.

The turn signals are aftermarket LED's that you can buy from any bike shop and are mounted on top of the original triumph arms......hope that helps.

Theres some better pics in my album now.
Nice Wheels

You've really done a tasteful job of making the beast all yours. I especially like the chrome on the wheels and had never thought about that as an option before your post....... good job.
Love the wheels, miss the extra head light. I think that's what makes the Rocket look unique( you told me not to look), shows talent though. Wish I had the ability to frabicate, nice work!:bch::bch:
Good looking wheels. It's too bad the EPA has run most of the chrome platers out of the USA.
great bike

Looks clean and fast!
gotta see the world, it will only take a mintue
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