Windshield Questions - I have 3!

I don't have a screen for my Rocket, but I do have one for my Valkyrie - a National Cycle SwitchBlade screen, which is nice if you like to quickly and easily swap the screen on and off. I too like to ride around town without a screen, but with one for longer trips.
+1 here on needing to look over screen not through. I have your No3 option. I made an adjustable bracket that fits the OEM mounts so I can raise/lower and tilt it. I see over it but am tall and have my seat raised also for leg comfort. Stock screen is terrible, buffets the helmet. If it gets too hot I remove layers and visor off fullface cos the next day it may be real wet.
Well, I got home yesterday and sat on the bike with the tall windscreen on it. The top was dead in line with my eyes. So, I removed the brackets and moved them over to the medium sized one - a bit of a pain if I do say so myself - and now I’m looking right over the top.

I didn’t have time to take it for a spin, but hoping this is the winner. I’m interested to see how this “looking over” business feels.

I appreciate all the advice, guys!
Ok, so I took the bike for a spin and now I know what buffeting is!

I guess I'm not fully understanding what the hope is - is it to have NO wind hit your helmet or just hit it in a way that doesn't get uncomfortable? I'm trying to figure out how I can have a windscreen that I can see over AND will get the wind over my helmet?!?
This medium windscreen is the perfect height for me to see over, but I can tell from a short ride that I can't handle the buffeting. My brackets almost look like I could move them and they would allow for some tilt or something? If I tilted the top forward or backward maybe that would make a difference?

Please advise!
Now that I'm looking more into it - my screens don't have the "intermediate bracket" the goes between the bracket attached to the screen and the clamps on the forks. Yeesh.
If you get a chance to look at posts @rainman , look how he sculpted the airflow around his shield, sometimes he runs wings(side wind deflectors) along with black lower wind deflectors(located around turn signals) he does have some pics from rides all during the year.