Yeah, I get that too. One guy this past weekend looked at the Triumph badge on my tank and said, "Oh, I thought you just stuck that on there trying to be cool."

I wonder if it hurts to be that stupid?:D
Ok That one is a new one to me. But then again if each one that asked who makes it and rather than say Triumph if I pointed at the emblem on tank I might have heard that response too. Not very smart people out there. oh well takes all kinds to make the world go round:D
Too funny.....:D

I was filling up about three weeks ago at our local Casey's. A young lad says: "...nice bike, is it a Harley", Nooooo, it's a Triumph, "Triumph,....I never heard of them before, are they a new company". As God is my witness I then told him I can't answer any more questions cuz I'll be putting in my earplugs now. Somethings are best left unsaid,......and unheard......;)
Almost as bad as three months ago I was talking to someone about my honey and his Boss Hoss. They guy told me he didn't know anyone that rode a rice burner like that :eek: I guess you could say I immediatly lost interest in talking motorcycles with him....
Where are Harley's made?

A Few Day Ago I Got Detoured Off The Freeway. I Was Sitting At A Stop Light, Some Harley Guy Pulls Up Next To Me, Which I Believe To Be Rude(he Was Right Next To Me In The Same Lane, Last Time One Of Those Things Got Close To The Rocket It Caught A Oil Leak, Does Any One Else Have A Oil Leak Problem
From Case Bolt By Kick Stand??, Any Ways).
He Said "nice Bike", I Said "thanks",i Was Unable To Say It Back To Him, I Was Worried For Him, I Thought His Forks Were Going To Brake From The Shaking Of His Engine. Then He Told Me(this Is Best Part Of Story)"i Like Some Of The Stuff The Japanese Are Building These Days" Ya Me Too Huh... And He Asked Me If It Was Fast, I Think His "harley Under Clothing" Might Have Done Something To His Brain. Luckly For Me The Light Was Short
Hear's Your Sign

I'm getting ready to start the beast when a guy walks up, points at the name on the tank and says, " Is that a Triumph"? I replied, "'s a homebuilt but I wanted people to think I was riding the fastest cruiser in the world". HERE'S YOUR SIGN!

My favorite comeback happens when someone will ask " Is that a Harley"? I say, " Harley....I eat Harley's for breakfast". HERE'S YOUR SIGN!