The dozen motorcycles that I would have taken home from the auction


Nov 6, 2020
Triumph Thruxton R
Back in the day when we were young we didn't of course have cell phones and all of the games and media sites to keep us entertained and dumbed down. Just the sight or smell of a motorcycle, mini bike or car would pump up the adrenaline and leave lasting memories. Most of the kids today are using EV scooters and not because they are fun, which I'm sure they are but because they get them to school and they don't have to walk. No PE during school and no one walks to school anymore. Don't get me started!:mad:
I have been doing stuff like working on my motorcycles, lawn mowers and cars with my two grandkids since they were six heck we even built a space ship for them to run missions. I give them problems and let them figure out what tools and how do it. Nothing huge but enough to cause them to think.

Maybe just maybe they will grow up with the ability to think critically, appreciate mechanical things and have had some good memories.


The Guy With The Most Toys Wins!
Oct 21, 2017
Downers Grove,Il.
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I'm right with 'Ya........Taught my boys how things work...and how to repair them when worn out...some for the thought process.....more for the knowledge to know that they could do the repairs if needed.......BUT more for the knowledge to know if they were being overcharged for the work that they subbed out...:cool: