Well its happend some one has been seriously hurt because of the stalling and idle

That sucks.... Sounds like he's in a lot of pain. I guess if your bike starts to act up park it until further notice. I wonder what's going to happen now :confused:
Real or Thingamabob or In-Between?

Second Tomo and Pig9r. My thoughts to Tony. Maybe Punisher could let us know his wherabouts. Hospital name. Zip code. Room and dial-able phone number. Maybe Tony would welcome cards, calls or gifts? Victims do, generally. I am game again for all that. Publication of said details would... er... faciliate and help organize support, wouldn't it?

But quite frankly, the Hinckley witch hunt that --already-- seems to permeate some posts (that prematurely self-fulfilling "I told you" tone... that revengeful "sue them" attitude...that firery and self-righteous "I'll talk to the factory" chivalry on the "other" forum) is nothing that I would want to be associated with.

No time off for behavior, I suppose. Jamie:cool:
I'm grateful that he will be better soon and no one else was hurt.I'm confused as to the reason the rear wheel locked?Could the ECM do that?If so I'll go back to points.I can fathom it being a transmission brearing issue.:confused:
If he pulled in the clutch the rear wheel should have unlocked:D
If this is a true post from Fat Tony:confused: my guess would also be out put shaft bearing failure.

He writes very well for a man that would be on a lot of MORFEEN:confused: :confused:
JD that same thought went through my mind. Being a longtime student in the art of bull****in' I would say either way true story or not, he tells a **** good story.
i don't believe the story at all. if it is true it certainly is not related to a stalling issue. i will apolagize if it turns out to be true but for now i think it's B.S.
My Rocket stalled once on me... but it was because I was so low on gas that what was left sloshed away from the electric fuel pump and since the injectors ran dry the engine died. Now... I'm not bragging here but I have been riding bikes for longer than some of you have been alive :D and I knew instantly that my engine had died... and my rear wheel had started to slide because the displacement of the motor is so large the compression simply stopped the mototr from turning. I was able to pull in the clutch so I could at least roll and I thought... what the hell, I'll stand up on my foot pegs and slam my arse down on the seat as I let out the clutch and maybe I'll get enough traction to turn the engine over and start the bike. It worked like a charm... the gas had sloshed back to the fuel pickup and it started. Plan B was to use the starter... but I didn't want to do that because we were pulling into a Harley dealer that was having an open house and there were a bunch of people standing out there. I didn't want them to think that Rockets run off of the starter motor.

I could see his rear wheel locking up if the engine died... with no other mechanical failure and if he didn't think to pull in the clutch.. The moral to this whole story is that something needs to be done about the stalling issue