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Jul 4, 2007
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I have downloaded the tune boy from the web site and have ordered the cable and cd, which is suppose to arrive on Tuesday of next week. When playing around with the editor the rev limit is set at 6300, and when I click on it to try to change it, it doesn't do anything, I was thinking about setting it at 6500, so how do you change the rev limiter? Also, when I get the cd and cable, do I have to load the program from the cd or can I use what I have dowloaded from the web site? If I decide to take the check mark out of the 02 sesor fitted box and disconnect the sensor, do I disconnect it before I load the tune? I plan on loading the 20050_2 tor cat bypass decel tune, I have the 07 classic tourer with the tor exhaust and the cat eliminator, so is this what you would recommend? I am getting a lot of decel popping right now so I hope this will eliminate alot of it. The current tune has the idle set at 820 and the tune that I plan on loading has the idle set at 750 so should I change it to 820? After loading the tune should I do the 12 minute tune? Once everything is dowloaded, do I need to reset anything from the tune boy diagnostics? Sorry for all the questions but I would rather ask now than after the fact.
The program will work (TuneEdit) after you've gotten your key. You're wasting time before hand. Pig9r posted a tune for your set-up that is "20050...Dyno Final" or something similar. Screw the 12 minute tune hence-forth.

This is THE place to ask questions!

Why 6500, why not 8000. Just funning.

From my limited experience thus far (Tourer vs hot rodder) 6300 will more that serve your needs, I suspect. Pig9r, haven't you kept your limiter at 6300 as well? Wayne recommended to me, staying with stock 6300. I kept the Tourer exhaust and loaded a modified Tune without screwing with RPM limiter, and this beast hauls big butt now (that wood be me)! I copied the same I4 to 3, and 2 and unchecked the O2 sensor error checking, and raised my secondaries incrementally above stock. I've not YET raised to 100% at all points. My right wrist has a quirk and tends towards wide open :D

CD or website download: This may depend on your PC operating system, god help you if you have Vista, I'm sorry, I shouldn't bad mouth WindozSUX. The accompanying Cd software works mostly great, to the extent that I can ascertain, for most all my expectation. I too downloaded the web stuff beforehand, but have kept only the documentation files after getting the CD. You can't have both TuneBoy (Diagnostics) and TuneEdit opened at the same time. Also, there are $4it loads of tunes for other bikes you'll clutter up your PC with. Delete them if you wish. The total HD space for those tunes is huge x2-3 times what is necessary.
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To change the rev limiter use the pgup or pgdn keys. If it doesn't work hit num lock then try again. Same thing for changing fuel and ignition cell values. And using shift+pgup or pgdn they go in higher increments.

That tune sounds good. Follow the instructions on this thread Link Removed to add fuel to quell the afterfiring.

What is posted on the website is the latest and greatest and what I always use. See if Tuneboy diagnostics opens for you. If not see this thread Link Removed

I have upped my idle since the latest Triumph tunes have it set at 820. Instead of the 12 min tune, to save time reset adaptions in Tuneboy Diagnostics after you turn off the O2 sensor. Don't disconnect the O2 before you load the tune, it'll throw a check engine light. Otherwise just leave it in.
As P9r indicated above, the decel pop can be tuned out, as discussed in the link. Use the F8 key to enter % increases. My beast has absolutely no-pop decel now.

With the O2 Sensor Fitted - unchecked, I've no-pop decel without removing or disconnecting the sensor.
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I received the cable and cd yesterday and sent the ecu # to new bonneville last night and within about 2 hours had my activation code. I unchecked the 02 sensor box, loaded the 20050_2 decel tune, which I got from here, and took it for a test run. Response seems to be much improved and no decel popping at all! I think I am going to be very happy. I only drove it about 5 miles as it was about 10:30 when I took it out. The whole process went very smooth, no hiccups at all. It took about 1 1/2 minutes to get the ecu #, and about the same to load the tune. I raised the rev limiter to 6500, and I think that was the only changes I made to the tune. I had read everything I could find on this prior to doing it and felt pretty comfortable with the whole procedure. Anything else I need to do or any other changes recommended? Thanks for all the advice and all the info that is posted on the forum. If I didn't say it before, this is a great site and has some very helpful information. One thing I did notice last night, as it was the first time I had it out after dark, was that the headlights did not seem very bright. anyone else notice this and if so what suggestions do you have to improve the night vision?
was that the headlights did not seem very bright. anyone else notice this and if so what suggestions do you have to improve the night vision?

I think the headlights suck. Try replacing the bulbs with xenon bulbs.
Xenon bulbs were a first swap for me. They are not brilliant as I'd expected. That may be a function of $$ spent. I added the auxillary "fog" light kit very soon thereafter. A very remarkable improvement. The side to side lighting, but shallow, greatly broadened deer sightings at night. They're far brighter that the xenon headlamps.

With the stock cams, you're talking about a flatline beyond even 6100 RPMs.

Get one of Nev's cams; then you can raise that redline and have it mean something.