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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
2017 Polaris Slingshot
I received an unexpected surprise in my mail box today...the new Triumph Magazine/Summer 2007 issue. Anybody else get it? Not too much on the Rocket III, just a mention and photo of the backrest accessory now available. Nice mag...just wish there was more Rocket items in there.
That magazine made me feel like selling my Triumphs. I tossed it in the basement. I found it mildly replusive. It was too glitzy and ditzy for my taste. I liked the old rag better.
Hype the Wipe?

Flip, subliminally speaking, we (most of us) had got the message. Now, if we take some of these FANCY publications to the "reading room " aka THE LOO, we need to realize that some of them surreptitiously include such add-ons as postcard-thick subscription forms, promotional plastic stickers, little sample bags of deodorant or aftershave, etc. ... even full-size CD's



Finally got my issue of the new Triumph rag the other day. What a joke. I think that will drive more away then bring them in. The old Torque was much better. There are even ads for other products in there.
Man, this is a tough crowd. I kinda liked it. I guess you guys don't read "The Robb Report".

You have to admit, it is clever. They were probably out of money to publish the old "Torque" so launch a new magazine, which isn't really a replacement for "Torque", and let advertisers pay the bill. Most Triumph owners use cameras and other non motorcycle goodies, it just makes sense.

It gets expensive sending out free magazines to thousands of Triumph owners. Let someone else foot the bill. Maybe they will adjust the contents to reflect the old "Torque".