Thought I would show off a purple I painted a while back.

It's interesting what you see in pictures of bikes at home in garages and other places. You get a glimpse of the inside, or should I say behind the closed doors of the rider's abode. I find it interesting to see how other's live and what they collect in their garages.

When I posted the FlipMeister 50 cent Throttle Lock, Tomo was quick to point out the empty kitty littler jugs behind the bike sitting in the garage, something I'd never have noticed probably because I take 40 cats for granted around here. No, they don't get in the garage but they do pee on my car tires.

Tomo posted some pictures of his Fleetliner fairing that were interesting. I didn't find the fairing interesting at all but I did find the cars as well as the junk on his workbench much more entertaining that the fairing.

Quite honestly, I like the color, it reminds me of bubble gum. The bike is another story. I'm not a fan of Honda VTX's. One thing caught my eye, and curiosity. The scooter in the background in the last picture. A daily driver or a project?

It's nice people who post pictures on this site (and others) don't pose their handiwork in front of a white sheet. That would be very boring..........:)
The scooter is my dads. We had the seat off replacng some batteries. He has a couple of trikes. Ill try to post pics of them here. He is a diabetic and cant really feel his feet. I designed and installed a double acting air shifter on his VTX and a screaming sound system. He also has a pretty cool trailer.
Here is another project I did.

Somone stop me if I am posting somthing incorrectly or being a bother. I am just plundering through my hard drive seeing all kinds of pics I want to show off.

Here is the last before and after for tonight.. This is a 2002 that went down at about 120mph. It drove the front to the engine. And warped the tail.