My collection shrinks while I haven't!

Richard nice to hear you are still around, like you I have been trying to thin out the herd a wee bit, hope all goes well with your parents.
Thanks Scot, just don't get a shed and lock em away, they'll breed there like rabbits!
I now have two '10 ABS Rockets and a spare motor;
a Triumph Sprint ST 1050 ABS;
three 250 pushrod singles; and
two unmounted sidecars.

I sold my '78 R100RS sidecar outfit with a gazillion spares to my best mate with a buy back option. The good news is he is getting it registered as a historical vehicle with dime cheap road tax, insurance and registration now for regular weekend excursions.

Yeah old age is crap game that is for sure, I hope they don't forget my real name is Peter too!;):):roll::roll::roll:

Richard is the esteemed long-term Canberra forum member and I won't tell him you confused us as he has movie star looks too but more like Brad Pitt than my John Goodman ones!;):cool: