Talked with my mechanic.

Paul Hyland

Dec 29, 2006
League City TX
OK I may have so things that might be interesting to some and some might already know.

First my rotor concern! It seams that you can have to much play as in the case of my bike. It seams the springs in the rivet looking mounts get worn or get damaged during installation. He said there really shouldn't be any noise coming from them. So if you have loud or excessive clicking you might want to have them looked at. They are replacing mine (warranty). It looks like one side is grabbing and not the other.

Second! Some insight on the bearing failures in the newer models. BusaJack you were asking about this. It seems they had a problem with the bearings being installed backwards so they were not getting proper lubrication. It is a random thing so you have a 50/50 shot BussaJack. He did say a tell tale sight is a clicking or wining coming from the back of the casing. Her said get it in ASAP or it can tear up the bearing seat.

Third! Popping on decell. It seams there has been a lot of complaints and Triumph is listening. They set them lean from the factory as most already know, and they do it to pass emissions testing. But he said they just got a new factory tune in and will have it ready to install when my bike goes in next week for the rotor. He says it is specifically for the decell problem.

Fourth! And not one most want to hear. According to him are bikes have a lot of power but unfortunately not all the internal parts are designed to withstand a pounding. He has two bikes in there with engines cracked because he say's the owners thing they have drag bikes. 1 is in because the fork (I think he said) in the transmission broke off. He told me to keep in mind though it is a beast it was made to be driven like a courser not a ****** rocket, and the more power you get out of it the more problems you will run into. I think you can relate to that Bussa you can’t build a bad a$$ motor without beefing up the trany and rear end.

This is just one mechanics opinion. Me I'm just going to cruse around enjoy my Rocket and shut down every pesky ****** rocket who test's me.:bch:
Hope this has some useful Intel my fingers hurt.

P.S. Did I mis spel inything
Thanks Paul

That opinion about the bearing makes sense to me .Human error.I would think sequential engine #s would be involved,But it seems random.Makes me feel better about being out of warranty.If it goes I will fix it myself.Love that kind of work but not the parts prices. As far as dealer saying the drive train not being up to more power,I think they are engenered to take quite a bit more power than stock produces.Quite a few have turbos and seem to be holding up ok.Bet he would not have told u that before u bought it.I beat the crap outta mine,within reason.They have to be over built for some of the dumb tricks people do with them.(example hayabusa putting out 300 horse with no interinal mods) Thanks much paul. Oh forgottt, u need a degrie in spilleng two be on thes siete.Took me an houer to rite this.Te he
If those rear drive bearings are failing because they were installed backwards....

Kawasaki had a silent recall on Vulcans for the oil pump drive. The oil pump had a plastic gear on it and of course many of them stripped out. The problem was.. you had to split the cases to replace a stupid $2 gear, which meant an entire tear down of the engine (and bike).

I think that if I was out of warranty and that bearing gave up I would check with the dealer first before I did any work on my own. If I did have to tear it down myself I would have my Lawyer's digital camera handy just to make sure that bearing was or wasn't in there backwards.

Can you install wheels upside down??

I'm guessing the bearings might have a shield on one side and they faced the shield out instead of tords the back of the casing so it didn't get any oil.
Lawyers guns and money

I'm with Tomo: If you are out of warranty and can prove the bearing was installed backward, you will probably win. Will they compensate for your Lawyer?....good question!

Good info here. Thanks Paul's.

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I'm guessing the bearings might have a shield on one side and they faced the shield out instead of tords the back of the casing so it didn't get any oil.
I think i recall when i had mine torn down that the bearing was shielded on one side because i could not look through it when i was checking it for wear. The claim of possibly being installed backwards is a plausible. If you look at my photos under heading "Main output shaft assembly" You'll see that the bearing at the front of the picture has a shield facing out front while open in the opposite side. The bearing at the rear under the bolt head is open facing the front and shielded in back. There are oil passages in the block that direct oil towards the open faces of the bearings. The "shields" i would wager, help the bearing to contain the oil rather than just blow or squirt through the spinning bearing. Bigern
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