Removing rear pads & k&n air filter

Texas Rocket

.020 Over
Apr 29, 2006
Houston Texas
Anyone replaced rear brake pads just removing "pin" & pulling out pads & slipping new ones in ????? The manual says to slide axel shaft so far & remove caliper, is this necessary ....if so does bike need to be jacked up ??? >> Wheel off the ground or just enough to relieve weight ??????
Also I have TOR's & Cat bypass can I just drop in the K&nN air filter>>>
no effect on "tune" ???
I can't help with the rear pad replacement but yes you can drop in a K&N in the underseat. It will cause the bike to run a little bit leaner but there is not a specific tune for intake modifications. Do you know what Triumph tune you have now? Do you have a PCIII?

Here is a link to an undertank K&N filter mod that a lot of Rocket owners have done.
I just went and looked at my rear caliper setup. It appears that you could remove the old pads by pulling the pins as you have suggested. The problem you are going to run into is installing the new pads, as they will be much thicker than your old, worn out pads. This means you will have to push the pistons back into the caliper, there are pistons on both sides. If you stick a prybar in there and use the rotor for leverage to push those pistons back in you will warp your rear rotor. Therefore the best way to do it is to remove the caliper and push the pistons in using the proper tool. I'm not going to tell you what to do here but if you were to crack the bleeder open a touch and very carefully apply pressure to both inner and outer pistons at the same time I would think you would be OK...Just remeber that rear rotor is very thin and it won't take much to warp it. If you do this have some brake cleaner handy to wash off the brake fluid and be sure to top off the master cylinder...
20054 Tune (I Think) No PCIII

As Far As The Pads I May Just Remove Rear Caliper.i Don't Want To Warp The Rotor, Should I Jack Up Wheel Off The Ground Or Just Enough To Relieve Weight????? Or At All!!! Too Bad Replacing The Rear Pads Are Not As Simple As The Front Looks (if You Could Sucsefully Push Back Pistons On The Rear, Seems Like It Would Be A Breeze....7600 Miles On "the Beast" Close To 10,000 Service ...need New Rear Tire Too ...may Just Let The "stealer" Do The Brakes At That Time .....although I Would Perfer To Change The Pads Myself !
Front pads take only a few minutes .
The rear I take up a little weight and slacken the axle and slip it out a little . 1/4 hr done .
Did mine yesterday