Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I noticed during my tire change I didn't have a great deal of rear pad left. I have racked up a few more miles since then and the bike is at about 5500 K. There is still a little groove left in the pad, but it won't be long. I was wondering what kind of milage you guys were getting out of a set of rear pads. The front sets still look like new, and I do have alot of stop and go driving going back and forth to work. Has anybody tried the EBC Sintered Pads, and if so, would you recommend them over stock?
That rear brake is pretty aggresive on stopping power and wear. I think most Rocket riders are using way more rear brake than they realize, myself included. I think i got about 7,500 miles out of my first set. I did however stay with a softer material to keep the rotor wear to a minimum. As i see it, the rear brake performs well enough without the added friction of super stop replacement pads. Bigern

I aggree with bigern..5.300 and I need them to.I tried the fancy race metalics on an old custom and they ate the rotors In 3.000 miles.Just today a friend of mine realized his rear rotor was shot on a hardly from compounds other than stock. Untill someone can show me a longer lasting pad that won't eat rotors I'am sticking with stock. Jack
Over 7400

Like Bigern..... I got over 7400 miles on the set. I didn't notice until they changed the rear tire. Seems like I find myself using the rear brake more on cornering than straight travel. I'm always concerned about locking the front brakes and sliding or slipping on loose gravel, sand or whatever! Also the front brakes were still in fine shape.
Doo'in it right


You are braking right. No, I don't mean going right while braking, I mean applying the brakes correctly. 80% of your stopping power is in the front binders. That has to do with weight transfer and all that hogwash. In theory, you want the front and rear pads to last equally as long and unlike a cage, you can modulate the brakes to achieve that. I am also a front brake user, except on gravel roads or dicy corners. On dry, clean pavement, I try to apply the front brake and then the rear, adjusting pressure on each to come to a smooth, controlled stop. I especially like the big twin floating discs. Big, fast bikes need big brakes. I'd have preferred Brembo Gold Line, but the Nissin's aren't bad.

As long as you pay attention to the road surface and modulate the brakes, you won't be going on your arse.

You ought to see me braking the sidecar outfit. That has 3 brakes, all with seperate actuators. It's possible to brake steer the sidecar for right hand turns.
5444 miles

Changed rear pads today at 5444 miles. They could have gone further, but I was still amazed at the amount of wear at that milage. Apparently the Beast likes rear pads as much as tires......Keep a check guys.....