Popping on de-accelerate with off road pipes


Standard Bore
Oct 17, 2007
I had my dealer install off road Triumph pipes and cat bypass.
I have rode the bike 3500 miles this year and when I de-accelerate the pipes POP POP POP is there a mapping tune to eliminate this or is it normal?
I have read you guys talking about tune boy but have not researched it enough to question should I buy one.
None of the stock tunes will cure it. The only way is with a Tuneboy or PCIII. Or refit the stock exhaust and cat box, but that wouldn't be any fun.:D
Just reinstall the cat litter. There's a specific tune for TOR's with the cat ON (but none w/o it). May not produce the kind of sound you're after... but it won't cost you a cent AND it will virtually eliminate popping. Jamie
I have the same setup...TORS with cat bypass, and got the new tune. There's still some popping, but nothing excessive. It sounds okay to me.
my two cents worth, and thats not much. My 05 rocket was left with all stock equipment and never had decel popping and 38-40 mpg. Now this new 07 classic (all stock setup) has decel popping out the wazzu. and is only giving me 33 mpg. rademis
Some guys like the popping. Not me - always thought it sounded like a junk car backfiring. I had that popping before I got it tuned. Gotta get it tuned, Englishguy. And I don't mean the Triumph tunes. Get a custom map for your Rocket. You've put a lot of money into her already, so why cut corners on the tune? Good luck!
I belive mine has popping on decel even when it was bone stock. It was just muffled more with the stock mufflers. I run TORs/ cat by-pass and a PC-III now and am very pleased.