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Mar 8, 2006
Body:West Central Missouri, Mind: Yes I are.
You meet the nicest people on a Rocket.

Three gentlemen from Kansas City came down to my neck of the woods to visit today. From left to right; Pig9R, Pianoman, and Toystoretom. We ate BBQ @ Kehde's in Sedalia Missouri and had lots of laughs. Pianoman is particularly funny or should i say peculiarly funny(inside joke). We talked about Rockets, internet, and Tuneboy. I brought a 3x5 index card with questions for Tomo and Pig9R. We talked about what we did for a living which was quite interesting. Sure was a sight to see four Rockets parked in a row. I hope we can meet again soon cuz I had such a good time with these great guys.

The bikes from left to right; Pig9R's, Hondax's, Toystoretom's, and Pianoman's. Coincidentally we are standing in the same order. Very informative to compare ones accessories, add-on, and the like. I got lots of idea's to ponder.
For you train buffs, behind our mugs is an original dining car used on the MKT railroad(Katy RR). Kehde's BBQ uses it for restaurant seating. The place is loaded with train memorabilia.....very interesting...toot....toot...

It was a near perfect day for riding Rockets with little bug activity given the cool night's we've had lately.


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Feb 25, 2006
There is the "Brain Trust" if there ever was one :D. What a great lunch. The ride due east to Sedalia was wonderful 'cause we had the 25 mph (gusts) wind at our backs... riding back to KC was a different story, but the Rockets got the job done. Only bike on the planet that can outmuscle mother nature...

Brian and I had ridden to Fort Scott with Dave (Pianoman) so we have quite a nice group going. Running over to meet up with Jeff was icing on the cake... I can see many more excursions in this neighborhood. What a great time we had at lunch, we all seemed to hit it off like we were old buddies... and in a way we are...

A few pics...

We did get stopped at a red light in Sedalia and on the corner there was a gas station... it probably had 10 to 15 Harleys in it. When they saw us some of them ran over to their bikes and started them up and started to rev their motors. What a bunch of dicks... typical Harley... all noise and no go. I was hoping to run into some of them up on the highway but I'm sure it was way to windy for the girls...

We have to do this lunch thing again... once a month sounds about right... we have to get Jeff off of the ranch once in awhile.



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Mar 5, 2006
Kansas City, MO USA
Rocket Summit

Good ride, good food, good people and good times. And not just a recreational trip but turned out to also be educational. Just a sampling of the many things I learned:

What every Triumph and Rivco accessory looks installed. (Between the four bikes pretty much every piece was viewable)

I found out Hondax' true calling was to be a talk show host. His pre-ride; pre-prepared note card of questions was just the first indicator.

Approximately 2 pounds of burnt ends will easily fit into one beetle bag.

Chicken poo can dry pretty fast under the right conditions.

And yes it was windy. I made it down and back on one tank, 148 miles. Figured my mileage 32 mpg. Add the 7% speedo correcto back and it goes to 34 mpg. Still pretty bad considering 98% highway and I was easy on the throttle the whole tank.


Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
Nice pictures and report guys. I swear it seems like all of the Rocket owners live in the Kansas City area or Australia :D;)


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
To The Magnificent Quartet

vonbonds said:
Nice pictures and report guys. /quote]

Agree wholeheartedly. And I can relate to the episode of the HD ants' nest acting is if you had been about to trample it :D

Take care ;)