Orange Glow and HOT


Apr 22, 2006
Cleveland, SC
Rocket III
Got the bike back after the recall on the drive and software upgrade. O yeah the radiator too. Now the headers glow a bright orange and the sucker is a roaster on the legs. It didn't do this before the software flash. Any ideas or others with the same issues? Maybe it's time to rid the cat box and fit something not so LOUD.
This is going to seem like a stupid statement (never stopped me before) but:

If this has never happened before and it just started after someone worked on it, it needs to go back. You said something about the radiator being worked on... is there coolant in it? This seems abnormal to me.

I could see a faint glow on a hot summer night just coming off of a hard ride. I don't think I've ever noticed mine glowing red.
But now you don't need the cigg. lighter assy..Sorry but that aint right..Take It back and ram &^@#$%^ never mind..
Guess I don't have much to complain about after seeing that clip:flame::flame:. The bike is stock and the tune was the recall idle tune. I only see it in the early morning, haven't been out at night----TOO FREAKING HOT after work. Dealer says they all do it, hmmmm. Radiator had a crack and got new one under warrenty, plenty of fluid there.
hey pig9er

I watched that video clip on about the glowing exhaust pipes, then caught a computer virus or somthing from a popup that would not go away. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem when going to I do have antivirus protection and popup blocker but this one got through somehow. had to completly shut everything down and de-energize to be able to get back online.
I think that guy with the glowing exhaust pipes was trying to blowup his bike, or maybe it was not his bike.. rademis
In the past I noticed a faint orange glow on mine at night.

Maybe that 'glow' is your enchanting personality......:eek:

Sorry, Rademis, I watched it twice and didn't have any problems. I run symantec.

I had no problems with the fugly vid either and I've seen it before. It ran fine on this Vista OS Dell 1521 and on my wife's Gateway PC. The Gateway has Symantec Corporate and the Dell has McAffee/defender/spybot.

Maybe Rademis is too close to Kooba.:confused:
Wow,must be funny fuel

As I am reduced to using this VA donated machine the graphics and speed are unmentionable,but the video actually ran (surprize):eek:.Yes this is a disturbing situation and would suggest taking it to another dealer if possible, if not refer to BusaJack's quaint recomendation. Never rode mine at night much but I never noticed any glow but I wasn't looking either. Just killin time here.:eek: