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Dec 7, 2007
New Jersey
Hi all. I picked up my '07 Phantom Black RIII last month and added it to my stable. I've been on the "other" board, but decided to drop in here to check things out.

Here's a pic of the new ride.
Heck of a stable you've got there. Great lookin' bike! Mine started out black like that also but looks quite a bit different now, although, I have the silver motor. We (the Rocket and I) have a 29,000 mile relationship going now.. and still going strong.. :)

That's cool that your wife rides also. My wife has a Trophy 1200, which I have a hard time pulling away from.. :eek:
Welcome to "the" site. Beautiful bike, motorcycle **** at it's best! Love how the single seat shows off the fat fender.:cool:
Welcome to the board. Very clean and nice black paint job. A guy with as many toys as you have must have a few war stories to often.
PS. Your wheel barrow has big holes in it. Maybe sell one of the neglected bikes to buy a new one...come on you might as well, after the RIII the others are mantle pieces anyway.....SB;)
Welcome (aboard) bil, trying to be punny! :) I am sure you will enjoy the vast amount of resources available here. Great looking bike, enjoy without moderation!:D