My Rocketship Has Arrived


.020 Over
Mar 10, 2007
Perth West Australia
Major tom to ground control :eek:
:D She Finaly arrived this afternoon, ROCKET 2005 jet black,
**** what can i say,
I havant been able to remove this F*#ckin great grin off my face yet,( is there no cure ) **** i hope not :roll: LOL :roll:
Need to find a good physio to put my arms back in my shoulders thou.
Great cosky! What a great summer this is going to be. Just get used to that grin, cause it's the first thing that happens when you get the Rocket ready for a cruise. Even before the key is in the ignition, the grin is "ON YOUR FACE".

Be careful out there!
Let the thrills begin Cosky, they never get old and keep getting better and better.Can't help you with the arms tho, you ape you.:D

While I am not a long time member of this forum or a long time owner, I understand how you feel, I only got to ride my new 2007 Classic for 9 days and had to leave it behind. Hopefully you will enjoy a longer, uninterrupted break in period with yours. I envy you a great deal, enjoy the beast, it's a handful, but definitely worth possessing.
Ride it like you stole it and ride safe (not sure if both can be done at the same time...let us know).
Have fun.
28 dtg!
You think Black is fast. Wait til your astride a Red and Black:eek: They'll set you in the back seat:D

Congrats! And, be mindful of how you park. You don't want to push her up hill:) A garden hose could be a stopper.