My new wheels, not a Triumph but I still love it...


Mar 4, 2006
Bel Air, MD
Well, I sold my Cummins pickup and Rocket III, what did I replace it with?

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350HP is a way to deal being Rocket-less! Being a Mopar guy I couldn't resist and waiting for the Challenger wasn't an option unfortunately. I probably couldn't have afforded it anyway so I will have to suffer with this for now :).

Congrats Vonbonds on the new wheels! Its good to try different things......was this because of the new job?

Yeah, both vehicles were casualties of it. My truck didn't fit in many parking garages and it isn't wise to ride to customer sites on a bike as I may not look "appropriate" if I have helmet hair or my clothes are extra wrinkled. Both vehicles made it very hard to talk on a cell phone which I unfortunately have to do while driving, the truck was very loud and I didn't have a comm device to talk while on the bike.

I still don't regret taking the job, more money, interesting work and I get to work from home a lot more than I used to.