Mirror adapters???


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Hey everyone, I stopped by the local bike shop & found a set (pair) of the "small" oval Kuryakyn billet mirrors for about $70. I really like the looks & ask the guys in the shop to assist to see if the adapters they had for them would work on the Rocket, so I could drive home with the set already in place. We removed one mirror & there is a "wedge" device in the bottom of the hole that the button head screw passes thru first on it's way "up" into the bottom of the stock mirror shaft. We didn't think that the adapters would work so we put the stock mirror back on. Any one installed a set of these? I'm sure someone has & would be able to tell me if the adapters needed are unique to the Triumph or is it the same set as most places sell, that adapt the customary thread on the bottom of the Kuryakyn to the metric? Although there no threads in the Triumph clutch & brake castings, so the threaded portion must pass clean thru (after you remove the "wedge" gismo) and the nut is installed on the bottom.

Any comments guys, or gals?
Sounds like you are on track. I used the metric adapter kit. There is also a kit specific to the Suzuki or the Kawasaki (can't remember which) don't use that kit because it is reverse thread. I just threaded the adapter on the bottom of the mirror, put the other end of the adapter threads in the former hole and put the nut on the bottom with a little loctite since it wouldn't thread much past the nut.

Job done. Although I saw no need for the "swedge" device in the bottom of the holes where the stock mirrors were. I simply took them out & put them on the old mirror stems along with the fasteners & put them away. I didn't put the black washers back on the bottom of the stem either. As someone else stated, the adapter stud is just long enough to pass thru the base and the nut, coming "just flush" with the nut outer face.

Looks real nice. It will take time to get use to the flat face of these mirrors. I did not get the curved face glass so I get a "true view" of what is falling fast behind me.

Thanks again everyone for the input.
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