Lowers And More...


.020 Over
Jul 30, 2006
Eagle, Idaho
Last summer, when I bought the R3, I put on a Roadster Screen, but I really wasn't too concerned about wind protection at that point. When it started to get cool last fall, I added a Laminar Lip to the top of the screen, and it moved the turbulence to the top of my head. I still had some buffeting, though, so last week I added Triumph lowers, and the buffeting is about gone. Last night, I added Laminar Ears, and my hands are now completely protected, and the path of the air around me widened several inches on either side.

What I really like about my current set-up is that I can add or remove components at will, and it is really simple. Mindy, who is very tall, says that the buffeting is reduced for her as well, and she is particularly pleased that there is less wind roar while we are riding.

Everything seems to work better at higher speeds, and we really liked the way the set-up worked at 80 MPH. We haven't tried it in the rain yet, but I suspect there will be an improvement.
I have never seen their products for sale any place except directly from the manufacturer. In my case, the service was fast and the packaging was good. Here is their web site, and their are a number of pictures of bikes with the Laminar Lip installed: