License Plate Relocation


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Sep 8, 2006
Lansing, MI
I took a close look at the Rivco license plate relocation kit and the plate mount on my bike. I could not see why I could not just cut off one inch from the bottom of the stock plate bracket and achieve the same result. I want the stock turn signal stalks to remain as warnings not to stab my shins on the rear exhaust tips. So I got out a hacksaw with a new blade and cut off one inch. Remove the reflector first. I painted the cut raw edge black. Then I installed the plate in the high position using a $6 chrome frame. This looks very nice and I saved $65 with a few minutes cutting. I left the plate bracket right on the bike while cutting. Do not also cut through your rear tire! Now that beefy 240 rear rubber really shows off.
I agree!

Yea Banjo, a photo is a must when bragging of a personnal alteration. Let's see it!
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Can't copy your improvement if we don't have an image to work from. Guess you'll have something unique.

Good try anyway Sideflipcar (or however you spell it).
Hey BanjoBart, I did the modification to my spacecraft today & I like the results. I was wondering if you put the reflector back on as I did. I cut about half of the long adjustment stem off and drilled another hole in the "sunken" cavity (above the cut) so the screw head was low as the stock setup was. It really tucks the plate up just as you stated & shows more of the rubber factory. I chose to use my drimel tool & after 6 HD cutting discs, off it came & then the smoothing & painting. I used the upper slots to remount the plate to & it sits tight up against the light mounting. The state name "MISSOURI" is obscured by the rear fender but I'm hoping the local unit drivers don't hold that against me.

Thanks for sharing your idea. Really improves the "rear view".

See ya!