Just a few more inches but...


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Jan 9, 2007
I was able to add some forward pegs using the stock rail. I purchased some short Kuryhakyn offset footrest mounts (P/N 7996) and 1" mounts. It give me 4-5" more of leg stretch. I know that's not much but to me it makes a huge difference.

I'm not a floorboard type nor do I like highway bars so this was a great solution for me. Kuryhakyn also has two longer footrest mounts that would probably give even more stretch but would stick out too much for my taste.

Just thought I'd share.


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Looks good spaceman! If you are one of those riders that tend to put the foot peg "nipples" on the street once in a while, those add-ons look pretty close to being in the same "scrape" range so be careful. Would appear to be potentially more susceptable when deployed with boots resting on them.

Easy does it.

See ya.