Looking hard at this one too, what was the weight.? says on web site 2 lbs but it looks more to it than the werks and that is 5 lb. Also anyone with experience with bags using this seen pics with bags on and read one guy said it was a none issue.
Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about the EXIL exhaust for the R3GT/R. It looks and sounds very good, but I’m not familiar with the company. The $ on their web site is $1100.
Yes. Mine has the Ixil system . I have had Cerakotted in keeping with the Blacked out theme of my Rocket Model. Pointers that I have learnt.
If you have upgraded your air filter and are planning to take the baffles out you will need a remap. My mistake was I didn't do it sooner enough and the heat coming from the engine and exhaust headers was on the higher side to the point it started to discolour the carbon heat shield bolt points on the right hand side. The only 2 bolt points that attach the heat shield to the down tube header need to be stainless steel and not alloy which conducts more heat. For me it's the best looking and sounding system out there. Werkes is way way to loud and expensive for 2 silencers which is basically what it is. Zard although nice is over engineered over designer and totally overpriced. That's my personal opinion. Ixil seem to have the best overall package. It's very light compared to the original. Also you will need to use some of the OEM bolts and bushes. It's a bit of a squeeze but it goes in flush. Also you will need to replace the exhaust crush flange ring once you've taken out the OEM exhaust. Anyway gorgeous round tone.


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