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Feb 25, 2006
Wow... I dunno know if this has a Rocket motor or not...

This pic was put up on the R3 Yahoo site...

What do you guys think????
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Really hard to tell with only one image, and at an angle which really exposes no "Rocket" charactoristics. Maybe, maybe not.
Yea I saw that too Tomo.Cover looks like a 4 banger or a straight 6.Wicked looking bike with bone suspension in the front,incorporating all 200 some odd bones as frame components.As a machinist I have some questions on how he did some things on it.:confused:
R/3 Chopper

In this month's Barnett's Magazine (It's a Harley based rag sponsered by the big dealership in Texas I believe), there is a 3 or 4 page spread on the guy who chopped the R/3. I glanced at the article while in Pa. last weekend, should have bought the magazine but long lines and the wife was in a hurry. He converted to chain drive and it really didn't look too bad. He did leave alot of stock parts and from the little I read said it was one fast machine to ride and he had one hell of a time hiding all of the electronics. There is a picture on the front cover also.
Make no bones about it....

As a machinist too (to steal a quote), I'd not want to get on the front binders. The reaction arm mounted to the bone leg looks, well, less than adequate. Looking at the pictures I see it's not finished. It has no final drive. There is a sprocket but no chain and it looks like either a Jap 4 cylinder or an OHC pinto 2300 motor.

Honestly, the bike looks like a boner.:D :roll:
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Bones for Dogs to Gnaw

Sidecar Flip said:
Honestly, the bike looks like a boner.:D :roll:

:D ...and a bone of both aesthetic and functional contention. Whoever did it made no bones about showing his macabre taste. Any psychologist (and it looks like he needs one...) woud suspect that he has a bone to pick with his ancestors:cool: