Inside the TORs

I had to use a wide angle lens but the photo turned out fair:D


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I had to use a wide angle lens but the photo turned out fair:D

I see you to have been on Kale's website. I registered over there yesterday. It asked me about my vehicle so I just listed one I had years ago....1950 Willy's Overland 4 door 4 wheel drive station wagon with a flat head Continental 4 and 3 on the tree with dashboard overdrive......

It also asked for my phone number but then it told me to make one up.....I love that site. I gotta buy an "o" pipe for my wife's car.:D
TOR's noise...

No pic but they look just like stock but about 6" shorter, and the hole is open more than the stock one. I imagine less packing of sound proofing in there as well.

I put the Tors on and left the CAT on, and it wasnt that much noisier, the cat does most of the quieting, If you want the full noise and power then you need to get the CAT bypass pipe and remove the CAT, then the TORs really bark!!
Suggustion, dont get the TORS for more noise unless removing CAT, its not worth it.
I went to the CAT bypass and TORs for a while, now i have the Jardines.. I like the Jars better. Awesome sound...