Thanks for your answer.
I removed a couple of spark plugs after a run to see how the engine was running. They are a nice grey color so it seems to be running ok with the TORS fuel mapping through the standard stock pipes. A bit tricky getting to the plugs though. (although easier than getting the plugs out of a ZZR1400).
First time i have removed a plug on a rocket.
I found the spark plug torque setting in the owners handbook which is 20 nm. I read on this site people could not find the torque setting as it's not in the workshop manual.
20 nm.
All good now and runs great.
Mine is standard as well, with the tor's mapping. I tried the standard mapping too, but that mapping gives much more plopping at decelerating. However, it uses a little less fuel 😁. Riding, it doesn't make much difference. The plopping was the main reasons to go back to the Tor's mapping. Recently I added the RAM air, now it feels stronger, with the Tor's mapping. I would just leave it as it is.
I am going to leave it as it is. The TORS tune 20776 is the map that is on it.
Spark plug colour is fine.
I am too scared to change it myself anyway as i have never loaded a tune o a bike.