Helmet com systems?


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May 25, 2007
Mountain Home, Idaho
I want one. Simple enough, right?

Has anyone actually seen how many there are??! Good lord! Anything priced from less than a hundred bucks to almost a grand!

Ok, so I turn to the trusty, non-biased (heh... suuuuure) good-natured folks here for opinions and reccomendations.

What I want in the system:
-Driver/passenger communication. That's obvious, right?
-Something I can plug my Zune (really overglorified MP3 player, if you don't know what it is) into for those long trips. It has an AM/FM tuner, so there's really no need for one on the system. Gotta be simple. Can't be fiddling with the Zune whilst cruising, after all.
-BlueTooth or other connection to my cell would be nice... though I don't know about the wisdom of it. Voice-activation would be must.
-Sound quality! By gosh, I don't really care if my passenger sounds kinda tinny, but it had sure better make ZZ Top seem like they're right there! I don't wanna miss one beat of She's Got Legs!
-Must fit a 3/4 or full-face helmet.

So... any suggestions? I'm looking for the most bang-for-my-buck I can get.
The Zune device MSRP is a bit spendy. Seems to be quite a following. 1,000,000+

They are a bit pricey, yeah. Funny thing, though... they cost about a buck less than a thirty gig video iPod (same size)! And they have wireless file/music sharing. Bigger screen, so you can actually see pictures and vids, too.