Front Mudguard: Any Customer Solution?


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
This is further to my FlipMeister marketing thrust:rolleyes:.

I happen to be faced with a dozen or so of firm orders for a ready-to-fit, Palatina-like mini front guard, be it made out of plastic, steel or aluminium. No carbon (I have a Palatina carbon unit on my Rocket) , thanks, cuz' it fetches $ 500 to 700 a piece over here in Western Europe, whether sourced from Germany, the UK or Japan.

Primer let alone paint ain't NO showstopper, BTW.

Can anyone (Flip?) in the US of A volunteer for a production project or direct me to someone who credibly can? (Why the US of A? someone may ask. Three answers: 1) Rocket III population-wise, America is a lot closer to the so-called "critical mass" than Western Europe . 2) The US$ is incredibly cheap in € or even Swiss Franc terms. 3) The 'Mericans have a unique flair for customization;). )

If needed, I'd help finance the project (romance without finance is a non-sense, isn't it? :p) Jamie
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no problem jamie. what i would need is a plaster of paris mold of the fender you want made. i used it myself from an arts supply. basically thin sheets of cloths coated in plaster, you wet them then lay them over the object. i cover my exhaust in aluimum foil first.. hardens in 10 minutes and you peal it off.
Thanks Travelguy:).

I just surveyed my constituents (the RCE club which I founded over a year ago) in connection with the mailing of FlipMeister clamps;)... and their current preference (or opportunity avoidance, in the case of some :confused:) seems to be for an aluminium or stainless steel alternative. I am exploring a couple of leads here in Switz. and in Southern France.

Best. Jamie