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Nov 20, 2006
My '07 tourer is about 3 weeks old, has 1300 miles on it, replaced my much loved Valkyrie and I never made a better decision. In about 40 years of riding most everything, this is the one.

I'm a retired USAF Phantom Phlyer and get as big a kick out of first gear in the RIII as afterburner in the F4. Now living in Florida and riding all year long.
Welcome usafo8!

These are great bikes, aren't they?? They just pull and pull and pull. I've had mine over two years and it still puts a smile on my face. I don't know if it will do the Triple Nickel though :D...

Look around and join in... we've got a few Florida boys around here.


Welcome and thanks for your service. Sounds like you are an adreline junkie like myself. Post some pics of your new ride when you get a chance. No one has posted any of the Touring version yet.
Glad to have you on board. Tomo is right, lots of Captains from Florida. 1,300 miles in three weeks,....should qualify you for a "iron butt" award!:D

Feel free to take full advantage of our "Photo Album" sub forum, by creating your own album. Don't be a stranger.:)
F4 Phantom

That's all you need, is me going on about the Phantom. Here is a pretty good website about my favorite bird if you are interested:

We said it was America's proof to the world that, given two big enough engines, a brick could be made to fly. It has to be the most impressive (Noise and smoke) plane the Thunderbirds ever used!

I used to fly a little but always civilian and small. My 4 years service( 66-70 ) started out playing with Tanks but they were way to heavy to reach V1! Link Removed

Enjoy the site and the good people who visit here. Like my flight instructor said, "If you're taking off and you look out the window and everything's getting're doing OK"
Hello to a fellow Floridian! Before i moved to Oklahoma, I lived in NW florida right inbetween the Eglin 33rd fighter wing and Hurlburt Special Ops with their C-130 gunships known as "Death from Above". Great to see you steeping up to the Rocket. Mine still makes me giggle like a school girl when i leave a stop light. Welcome to the R3 brotherhood. Bigern