Fixxin to be blown...


.040 Over
Aug 3, 2007
I just got off the phone with Richard and I did it. I should have the goodies in about 3 weeks. Can't wait to install it. I will keep yall posted and when I get to the install. If anyone wants to come by my shop you can. I will be doing this install at my personal shop and not at the bike store.

I am in Haleyville, AL .

P.S. He sent me the instructions and I was baffled that I didnt know what traction fluid was.... :D
Rabtech, you're gonna' love it! Installation is fairly simple if you follow Richard's instructions. There's also some good install photos to be glommed off the internet.
Ill have the camera ready. He said he had most of the kit ready to go. I purchased a front belt cover that was larger than the one supplied normally. I didnt want any dirt blowing up in the pully area.

Ill keep you posted when the delivery guy shows up.

Her3tic, I look forward to another visit. Well have to get another burger at Southern Eagle.
Rabtech, if they ship kit via TNT when finished, you'll get fast delivery... 3 days in transit for mine.